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Have you ever wonder where you can join some tennis ladders, find other players, and play more matches.  Search no further, Global Tennis Network ( is the place. 

After registering with Global Tennis Network (GTN), you can join single or double ladders, challenge other players in the same ladder, play matches, and submit scores to GTN. Wouldn't it be great that you can do all these tasks using an iphone app?  TennisLadder is one such app.



This iphone app is for serious tennis players or parents of junior tournament tennis players, who wish to track the progress on stroke development.  With this app, you are able to create player data, enter practice records, plot the progress of the strokes, and perform maintenance of these records.  Players are able to set goals, and track the progress towards these goals.  In addition, players may want to set and meet some criteria (such as 60% on first serves and 80% on second serves) before he/she signs up for tournaments.  In summary, this app provides a complete stroke profile of a player, and the strengths and weaknesses of the player. LLC